The Maine Community Foundation’s Spirit Fund, the Davis Family Foundation, and Norway Savings Bank have each issued major grants for the rehabilitation of the Shaker Herb House.
The donor advised Spirit Fund awarded a $100,000 contribution to the Herb House project recognizing the valuable cultural programs that Shaker Village delivers to the people of Maine. The Davis Family Foundation granted $50,000 towards new Herb House educational programs, cultural experiences, and community alliances and Norway Savings Bank made a contribution of $10,000 in support of the social-mission programs that will be delivered in the new Herb House facilities.
Just a short time ago on April 13, 2022 the National Endowment for the Humanities approved a $750,000 Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grant to the United Society of Shakers, Inc.  The three recent grants received are qualified matches for the NEH grant, which requires 4:1 matching contributions.
Herb House Campaign Director Michael Graham said, “It’s incredibly encouraging to receive support from Maine’s leading charitable organizations. We feel fortunate to receive these grants to promote the values and principles that Maine seems to holds dearest, including traditions and heritage, acceptance and inclusion, and places where caring, supportive community thrives. The Shakers and I are very grateful to the Maine Community Foundation, the Davis Family Foundation, and Norway Savings Bank for these generous, major contributions toward the Herb House project.”
The Herb House project will begin in 2022 and is currently scheduled for completion in October 2024, marking the bicentennial of the Herb House.
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