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While in-person events have been cancelled on-site and throughout the world, our community of traditional artists are suffering from reduced income and little to no audience exposure. This affects their business, and it has a profoundly negative impact on the perseverance of their craft. The heritage of traditional arts relies on passing the history, passion, and skills of that tradition from person-to-person, guaranteeing it remains an active part of a community’s history, identity, economy, and future.

Through our Traditional Arts Virtual Showcase, Shaker Village will feature traditional artisans, crafters, musicians, and woodworkers in a series of blog posts and video interviews. These videos will allow the artists to share their work, discuss their background and connection to their traditional art, demonstrate their process, give a studio tour, and promote their sales venues. Audiences will be invited to interact and deepen their understanding in real-time through an audience Q&A feature or by reaching out directly after the session.

Connecting Mainers with one another and with the world at large through a virtual means will foster individual and community inclusion for all. It’s commonly said that ‘it takes a village’ meaning an entire community of people must interact for the individuals to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Shaker Village is that village; nurturing communication and bonds for strengthening our society and helping to shape the future of Maine.

Enjoy and please comment, ask questions, click links, and get involved with this wonderful community!

Shaker Village’s Traditional Arts Virtual Showcase is funded by a grant from the Maine Humanities Council.

Maine Humanities Council


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