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How does contactless pick-up work?2021-11-27T15:11:58-05:00

Please wait for an email from our staff.  This takes about 1 business day.  Once received, contactless pick-up is available on the side porch of our administrative office.  When you pull in the driveway at the barn you’ll continue down the driveway and swing around the big brick house.  Then you’ll see our office on your right just before hitting the main road again.  You can park with the brick house to your left and the office to your right. There is a shelf with plastic totes on our porch for contactless pickup– your package is inside of the tote with your name on it.

How do I add shipping to my order?2021-11-27T15:16:51-05:00

If you are not signed in to an account, enter your shipping info in the “Calculate Shipping” window in your cart then the “update totals” button next to it. Your cart will refresh with shipping pricing and options available for selection under “Cart Totals”.  You may now proceed to the checkout, entering your full billing and shipping info on the next page.

When are you open? What are your hours?2023-08-04T11:14:28-04:00

Our physical store is is open Monday through Saturday from 10am-4:30pm, Memorial Day through Indigenous Peoples Day.  Our online store is open 24/7.  Our 2 person staff is in the office Monday through Friday 9am-4:30pm to fulfill your orders, answer phones/email, and help you individually if you can not come in person.  We offer friendly real human service and are happy to help you over the phone or via email if you have any trouble or would just prefer talking to a real person! 🙂

Though we ask you allow 1 business day for order fulfillment, we are many times able to offer same-day service if you give us a call.  207-926-4597.

Wholesale information2021-11-27T15:27:49-05:00

Yes– we wholesale our herbal products and many Shaker-made items & books.  We require a Resale ID and your business info to set up an account. Please send an inquiry through our wholesale page.

Why does your phone just keep ringing?2021-11-27T15:41:54-05:00

We are a very small administrative office (Jamie & Janine) and do our best to answer the phone by the second ring– but bio-breaks, meetings, lunch, and life sometimes necessitate that we aren’t right next to the phone.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but know that we are here and we do want to help. So if you can’t reach us by phone, please email us at  Our standard office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm with an hour lunch break starting at 11:45.  We practice a communal lunch with the Shakers so we do not answer the phone out of respect for the Community.  We do not have voicemail so please just try again or email us.

How can I sell my items through Shaker Village?2021-11-27T15:46:43-05:00

We’re always happy to meet new makers! We specialize in handmade, independent/small business makers of traditional crafts and/or traditional crafts with a modern twist.  We typically stick to the Maine and New England area but we’re always happy to take a look and talk with you about options.  We work with wholesale and consignment.  Please send photos, links, prices, and any information that will help us know about your products. Our shop manager is Jamie and she can be reached at

Shipping estimate seems high- what can we do?2021-11-27T15:50:58-05:00

Our site uses a shipping calculator and let’s face it, computers mess up just like people do.  So sometimes it will charge you a higher price than actual shipping costs.  It just doesn’t know how to factor in nesting items inside a box, sometimes.  We apologize.  But WE humans at Shaker Village are really good at that!  Please know that we always keep an eye on what our customers pay vs what shipping actually costs and we will automatically send you a refund if we were able to send it out for less.  And if you want to ask before buying, please contact us.

Why am I being charged for shipping when I selected free pick-up?2021-11-27T15:52:37-05:00

That’s because we messed up!  Something in our online store coding was not set correctly and we made a mistake.  No worries! Just place the order and we will refund you 100% for the shipping charge.


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