• Made from hand-pounded, scraped, and carefully gauged ash splints by Micmac basketmaker Michael Silliboy of Houlton, Maine (a regular participant in Shaker Village’s annual Maine Native American Summer Market each August).  Among Maine’s oldest, continuing traditional crafts. This small Potato Basket is a round basket with a double-lashed rim and a single stationary bentwood handle. 8” diameter and 8” tall.  Signed on the bottom.
  • Pink Space Dyed Reed Basket by our friend, instructor, and award-winning basket maker, Carolyn Kemp.  Woven within a twill pattern.  Hand notched handle. Measures approximately 7.5" x 5" x 6". Carolyn teaches basket making workshops with us virtually and in-person; she has authored and illustrated many books on basketry. Check out our book section for some of her titles!
  • Miniature brown ash round basket with natural and red reeds with a nice red band in the middle and bent handle.  Carolyn weaves these miniature baskets exclusively for Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village. This basket measures approximately 3" tall and arrives in a Christmas gift box. This basket was handwoven by our friend, Carolyn Kemp. Carolyn is an accomplished basketmaker who teaches basket making workshops with us and has some wonderful books available in our shop on basket weaving.


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