• Christmas Tea Bag by Betsey Ann Golon of Herb & Vine and Common Folk Farm. Cranberry Orange loose tea presented in a Christmas theme bag. Makes 2-3 cups of tea. Great stocking stuffer! Smells AMAZING and tastes even better.

    by Lei Shishak

    When we shop at farmers’ markets, we support our local economy and consume food that’s healthier, tastier, and packed with essential nutrients specific to our local environment. In Farm-to-Table Desserts, chef Lei demonstrates how baking with locally sourced, organic ingredients is so satisfying that it will quickly become an easy and delicious habit. With more than eighty sweet recipes divided by season, Farm-to-Table Desserts shows readers how to create simple desserts using fresh and local ingredients at their prime. With Lei’s instruction, home cooks will see how easy it is to bake fresh year-round. Recipes include some of Lei’s favorites: • Stone peach cobbler • Fig jam • Sweet corn panna cotta • Strawberry hand pie • Sweet potato cake • Blood orange pot de crème   Skyhorse Publishing, 200pages ISBN: 9781510716926
  • A light dessert tea containing rose hips, lemon grass, hibiscus, peppermint, and orange peel. 8-ounce tin canister with clear-view top. Since 1799, the Sabbathday Lake Shakers have cultivated, packaged, and sold to the public the most popular varieties of sweet herbs and medicinal teas.  Following that same early tradition, today we offer a selection of gourmet culinary herbs, herbal blends, spices and herbal teas that represent our long and continuing heritage. Our herbs are grown in gardens more than 200 years old, dried in a facility built in 1845, and packaged in tin canisters just like those used by our forbearers throughout the 1800s. Our herbal products represent our continuing commitment to supply our customers with products of high quality and value.
  • Can, Culture, Pickle, Freeze, Ferment, Dehydrate, Salt, Smoke, and Store Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Milk, and More by Leda Meredith The ultimate guide to putting up food. How many ways can you preserve a strawberry? You can freeze it, dry it, pickle it, or can it. Milk gets cultured, or fermented, and is preserved as cheese or yogurt. Fish can be smoked, salted, dehydrated, and preserved in oil. Pork becomes jerky. Cucumbers become pickles. There is no end to the magic of food preservation, and in Preserving Everything, Leda Meredith leads readers, both newbies and old hands, in every sort of preservation technique imaginable. Countryman Press, 272 pages, paperback ISBN 978-1581572421
  • High quality print on textured artist paper by artist and close friend of the Shakers, Sister Karlyn Cauley.  Three fruit trees cascade down this elongated print with a basket weave background. Stunning print of an original watercolor painting. Measures 6" x 12.75". Sister Karlyn Cauley has been a member of the Sisters of the Divine Savior since 1961 and is well known in the U.S. as a folk artist of “Shaker Gift Drawings” for her original watercolors, prints and note cards. Her folk art has brought awareness to the need for simplicity in our lives and homes.
  • Jams, Pickles, Cordials, Compotes, and More by Kylee Newton Preserving is an ancient technique that speaks to a modern sensibility. It puts you in step with the seasons, uses up leftover fruits and vegetables, and gives you complete control over what goes into your food. In The Modern Preserver, Kylee Newton takes you through every aspect of preserving: from classic jams and jellies, to pickles and fermentation, and to chutneys, cordials, and compotes. Newton's easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions wed age-old methods with a contemporary flavor. The book features more than 130 creative and unique recipes for even the most discerning palate, including:
    • Rhubarb & Prosecco Jelly
    • Spicy Bourbon Pickles
    • Mango Salsa Chutney
    • Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup
    • Pineapple & Chili Syrup
    These delicious recipes also make stylish gifts and reassuringly natural homemade treats. Countryman Press, 288 pages, hardcover ISBN: 978-1581573619
  • Warming Winter Tea Jar by Betsey Ann Golon of Herb & Vine and Common Folk Farm. Cranberry Orange loose tea presented in a glass jar. Ingredients: Dried cranberries, rosehips, orange peel, hibiscus, blackberry leaf, cloves, roasted chicory, and natural fruit flavor. Includes a muslin steeping bag and brewing instructions.


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