• The Usher's Whisk Broom was originally favored by ushers for theater clean-up due to its angled handle. It could be used at arm's length or while bending down, and the angled handle directs the bristles inward when in the pocket, protecting patrons. Made from dried broom corn, galvanized steel wire, and a synthetic woven hanger. Measures 11" x 7".
  • This Turkey Wing Whisk Broom by Larry Antonuk is a general purpose utility broom. The turkey wing design is useful for getting into difficult corners. Made from broom corn with a plaited handle and choice of 'fancy' color combos. Measures 15" tall and 9" at widest part. Choice of Raspberry, Dark Mix, Light Mix.
  • Kent Ruesswick of Canterbury Brushworks in Canterbury, NH is a skilled broom and brush-maker. He has studied a variety of styles of Shaker brooms and brushes. This brush is modeled after a Shaker Canterbury Tailor brush. This was the first Shaker brush reproduction style that Kent made under the support of his Broomsquire, Jack Frost. Measures 16" long with approximately a 3" diameter round brush. Flax and wire bound with metal hanging hook and velvet flocked top.
  • Everett Bailey of Belknap Co, New Hampshire learned broom-making at Canterbury Shaker Village. He continues to use traditional materials and methods while individually hand-crafting each broom in the Shaker spirit. Each broom is handmade and one-of-a-kind.  Includes a leather strap to hang it up.  
  • This Shaker Style Tailor Shop Brush by Larry Antonuk is a general utility whisk broom, originally used as a tailor shop brush. It is modeled after a brush in the book Shaker, a Collector's Sourcebook, and is made from Mexican broom corn and a hand-turned handle made from NH Hard Maple.  Measures 7" tall and 2" wide at base.
  • This Hawk Tail Whisk Broom by Larry Antonuk is a general purpose utility broom. A beautiful splayed design.  Great for getting pet hair of your clothes and upholstery!  Made from broom corn with a colorful binding thread. Measures 12" tall and 8.5" at widest part. Choice of Purple, Pink, or Orange thread.
  • This Fancy Whisk Broom by Larry Antonuk is a reproduction of a Shaker brush, originally sold for hat and general clothing clean up. Made from dried broom corn (sorghum vulgare) and hand-waxed hemp twine.  Makes a fine and usable showpiece in your home or office and fantastic for removing pet hair from clothing. Available in various shades of purples and blues, make your selection from the drop-down list below. Measures approximately 10" tall and 4" wide at base.
  • This full-sized Broom by Larry Antonuk of Marlborough, NH is made from dried broom corn (sorghum vulgare) with a colorful dyed overlayer and hand-waxed hemp twine.  Makes a fine and usable showpiece in your home or business. Available in multiple color options, see drop-down list for availability. Measures approximately 54" tall.
  • Made exclusively for Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village! These coat brushes are handmade by Brian Newton of Broomcorn Johnny’s in Vermont.  Each is handmade from your choice of hand-dyed or natural broom corn and wrapped in color thread.  Use to clean off your wool jacket, a blazer, or give as a gift for a special occasion.  Each one measures approximately 5.5″ x 2.5″. Brian is an award winning heritage craftsman whose work can be found in some of the most highly regarded fine craft galleries in the nation, as well as in television and motion pictures.  He teaches broom making workshops with us here at Shaker Village and we are very excited to carry his fine pieces.
  • This Shaker-style broom ornament is a sweet little way to give a 'simple gift' of Shaker Village to a loved one or as a way to decorate your Christmas tree with a reminder to "sweep clean your heart."  Made by Larry Antonuk in the same fashion that full size brooms are made, this miniature version is sure to delight!  Measures approximately 6.5" tall.


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