• Gorgeous and professionally woven placemats by fiber artist, Susy Perrine. This hand-woven rag rug style textile was made with pre-washed cotton fabric and cotton warp.  Featuring a rainbow of reds and pinks.  A gorgeous way to brighten up your table top. Set of 4. Machine washable- lay flat to dry. Susy is a creative weaver living in Woolwich, Maine.  She uses a variety of looms and materials, learning and sharing with others the rich history of textile making. She teaches workshops with us here at Shaker Village in weaving, fiber arts, and trellis building-- her other favorite type of weaving! Susy constructs introspective textiles ranging from handheld, wearable to inhabitable. She studied art at the University of Southern Maine and, for several years, was weaving for Carol Schwartzott, creating a line of textiles that were sold in galleries across the country. Susy was a production weaver for Amy Putansu. She’s worked on large industrial looms including water powered Jacquard and electric powered Dobby looms. She has restored and assembled several barn frame looms.
  • Usable and absolutely gorgeous quilted pot holders by Quilts by Natalie, Natalie Chandler of New Gloucester, ME. Natalie has been selling her quilted items in the Shaker Store for many years and is a close neighbor and friend of the Shakers. Photo transfer featured at the center of the potholder. Measures approximately 7.5″ square.  Available choices will be listed in the drop down menu. A: Meeting House Exterior, front B: Meeting House and Alfred Bell C: Meeting House Interior brown edge D: Meeting House Interior  Blue Edge
  • Naturally dyed with plant material responsibly foraged at Shaker Village by Jamie Ribisi-Braley of Auburn, ME.  This salvaged antique linen has been given a new life and is now a usable one-of-a-kind keepsake of Shaker Village. Dyed with Horse Chestnut immature hulls from the Shakers’ horse chestnut tree that grows on the lawn between the Girls' Shop and the Dwelling House-- that gorgeous pink flowering tree on the roadside. Absolutely stunning hand-embroidered cross-stitch fabric that says "God Bless Our Home" - can be used as a dresser scarf, turned into a pillow, or framed to hang on the wall. Measures 13" x 11". You will receive the exact items shown.  Please note that, as this is a vintage fabric upcycled and dyed, there is light wear around the edges. A nice shabby-chic type of textile.
  • This handwoven rag rug was made by Earl Black and is a nice large size, measuring 72" x 34". Woven with a colorful assortment of wool and cotton blends. Earl is an accomplished artist at Spindleworks Art Center, with his rugs in high demand.  Earl describes that he "dreams the colors and then weaves them." Spindleworks is a non profit art center for adults with disabilities in Brunswick, Maine whose mission is to help adults with disabilities achieve full and inclusive lives in their chosen community. The proceeds from this purchase go directly to support the artist and program supplies. “HANDICAP, I HEARD ABOUT IT BUT I AIN’T GOT IT NOW” – Rita Langlois This is probably one of the most famous lines written/spoken at Spindleworks, and so telling of the outlook of the artists here who break down stereotypes with their unique and wonderful view of the world and their expression of their place in it.
  • Hand knit baby stroller cover in antique white colored wool. Stunningly gorgeous design with scalloped edges and plenty of aeration.  Handmade by Mary Ann Haagen of New Hampshire. Measures approximately 30".
  • Handmade crochet baby blanket in an acrylic blend yarn featuring color blocks of multi-colors.  Soft and snuggly for your favorite little one! Measures approximately 28" x 25" and is very stretchy.


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