Daily Readings

Shakers use the New English Translation (NET) of the Bible.
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Morning Bible Readings

Saturday, January 1
Ecclesiasticus 28:21-26
Matthew 5:1-10

Sunday, January 2 [Christmas 2]
Psalm 27:1-8
Isaiah 60:1-6
Revelation 21:22 – 22:5

Matthew 2:1-23

Monday, January 3
Ecclesiasticus 29:1-7
Matthew 5:11-16

Tuesday, January 4
Ecclesiasticus 29:8-13

Matthew 5:17-20

Wednesday, January 5
Ecclesiasticus 29:14-20

Matthew 5:21-24

Thursday, January 6 [Epiphany]
Isaiah 49:1-6

Matthew 5:25-30

Friday, January 7
Ecclesiasticus 29:21-28

Matthew 5:31-37

Saturday, January 8
Ecclesiasticus 30:1-6

Matthew 5:38-42

Sunday, January 9 [Epiphany 1]
Psalm 89:19-30

Isaiah 42:1-7

Ephesians 2:1-10

John 1:29-34

Monday, January 10
Ecclesiasticus 30:7-13

Matthew 5:43-48

Tuesday, January 11
Ecclesiasticus 30:14-20

Matthew 6:1-6

Wednesday, January 12
Ecclesiasticus 30:21-25

Matthew 6:7-18

Thursday, January 13
Ecclesiasticus 31:1-4

Matthew 6:19-24

Friday, January 14
Ecclesiasticus 31:5-11

Matthew 6:25-34

Saturday, January 15
Ecclesiasticus 31:12-21

Matthew 7:1-5

Sunday, January 16 [Epiphany 2]
Psalm 100

Jeremiah 1:4-10
Acts 26:1-20

Mark 1:14-20

Monday, January 17
Ecclesiasticus 31:22-24

Matthew 7:6-12

Tuesday, January 18
Ecclesiasticus 31:25-31

Matthew 7:13-20

Wednesday, January 19
Ecclesiasticus 32:1-6

Matthew 7:21-29

Thursday, January 20
Ecclesiasticus 32:7-13

Matthew 8:1-13

Friday, January 21
Ecclesiasticus 32:14-17

Matthew 8:14-22

Saturday, January 22
Ecclesiasticus 32:18-24

Matthew 8:23-32

Sunday, January 23 [Epiphany 3]
Psalm 107:1-9
Deuteronomy 8:1-6
Philippians 4:10-20
John 6:1-14

Monday, January 24
Ecclesiasticus 33:1-6

Matthew 8:33 – 9:8

Tuesday, January 25 Conversion of St. Paul/Passing of Sr. Mildred in 1990
Acts 9:1-22

Matthew 19:27-end

Wednesday, January 26

Ecclesiasticus 33:7-11

Matthew 9:9-13

Thursday, January 27
Ecclesiasticus 33:12-15

Matthew 9:14-17

Friday, January 28
Ecclesiasticus 33:16-18

Matthew 9:18-26

Saturday, January 29
Ecclesiasticus 33:19-23

Matthew 9:27-33

Sunday, January 30 [Epiphany 4]
Psalm 84:1-7

Jeremiah 7:1-11

Hebrews 12:18-end

John 4:19-26

Monday, January 31
Ecclesiasticus 33:24-28

Matthew 9:35-38

Noontime Bible Readings

Saturday, January 1
Psalms 20, 150

Monday, January 3
Psalms 131, 145

Tuesday, January 4
Psalms 113, 146

Wednesday, January 5
Psalms 67, 147

Thursday, January 6
Psalms 29, 148

Friday, January 7
Psalms 24, 149

Saturday, January 8
Psalms 98, 150

Monday, January 10
Psalms 84, 145

Tuesday, January 11
Psalms 122, 146

Wednesday, January 12
Psalms 133, 147

Thursday, January 13
Psalms 8, 148

Friday, January 14
Psalms 114, 149

Saturday, January 15
Psalms 121, 150

Monday, January 17
Psalms 100, 145

Tuesday, January 18
Psalms 97, 146

Wednesday, January 19
Psalms 15, 147

Thursday, January 20
Psalms 87, 148

Friday, January 21
Psalms 23, 149

Saturday, January 22
Psalms 127, 150

Monday, January 24
Psalms 4, 145

Tuesday, January 25
Psalms 20, 146

Wednesday, January 26
Psalms 93, 147

Thursday, January 27
Psalms 91, 148

Friday, January 28
Psalms 128, 149

Saturday, January 29
Psalms 123, 150

Monday, January 31
Psalms 1, 145

Benches in the Shaker Chapel, Sabbathday Lake Maine
Daily Shaker Particulars

January 1

In the early days of our faith Mother Ann and the Elders being at Shirley, there came a young woman there to see the people, by the name of Polly Swan, Eleanor Pierce and Martha Prescott, being full of zeal and lacking both wisdom and charity, began to war at her for her lust and pride and pushed her about, and finally pushed her off homeward and Polly, when she got out of their hands, ran. At these transactions, said Br. Abijah, I was sorely displeased. A little after I went into the chamber and found Mother Ann, Father James and Martha Prescott present. I said to Father, “I thought the design of the gospel was to gather souls to the way of God, not to drive them off.” “I thought so too,” said Father James. “Well, well”, said Mother, “Say nothing.” Soon Martha went out from the room and Mother said, “They have received the power of God and are full of zeal, but lack wisdom to know how to improve their gifts and if you strike at their zeal, they will be likely to lose their gifts and go back to the world and be lost and better it is that ten souls should go to hell that never heard the gospel, than one soul that has.”

January 2

At a certain time having been away from home and I was returning, I met Mother and the Elders on their way to Harvard. They stopped and I went up to their sleigh. Mother spoke to me and said, “Abijah, you must not speak in hard irritating language to the world; they are poor blind souls and you should feel compassion for them. God has had compassion on you and called you out from among them and you should feel a tender, benevolent feeling towards them and labor to gather their feelings to the way of God. They are poor blind souls, groping along in death and know not where they are going, and must all perish if they are not saved by this gospel.”

January 3

At a certain time when at Watervliet, I was in extreme tribulation, which I opened to Father James and he steadfastly looked at me and said, “Abijah, you lived more years in the world than I did. I was called when I was quite young, and you committed at least as much sin as I did. I did not get through without feeling the judgment of God and you will not and when you have passed through judgment, you will feel your soul wholly given up to God.” [I recollect hearing Br. Abijah relate this circumstance. He said that previous to this interview he had sought for some time to speak to Father, but he avoided him till it seemed that he could endure his tribulation no longer R.L.G.]

January 4

I once spoke to Mother of that passage of scripture, “Their sound is gone out into all the earth and their words to the end of the world.” Mother said, “This gospel will go to the ends of the world, and it will not be propagated so much by preaching as by the good works of the people.”

January 5

At the time when I labored with the people, I was in conversation with Father William and he spoke to me as follows, “Abijah, when you have labored and labored and given away your strength to help other souls, and become weak by that means, and God lays sufferings upon you and you have your own burden to bear, they will look down upon you. How do you think that will make you feel?”

January 6

At one time in speaking with Father James concerning revivals he said, “They are the operations of the spirit of God, but not the perfect work. They are sent to wake the people up and to keep them from sinking down into total forgetfulness of the things of God and I feel in my heart to call them to the prolonging of God’s mercy.”

January 7

When at Watervliet one time, I heard Mother say, “Where there is enmity and it gets in between two, if they do not get rid of it, it will certainly carry one or both of them to hell. If one is not to blame and he is watchful, he may escape.”

January 8

A man by the name of Crane (at Watervliet) cut his foot; Father James seeing it asked how it happened and was answered, “It was an accident.” Father turned to me and said, “Abijah, are there any accidents in Christ?” I replied that there was not, “Well then, said Father, I will reprove it.” And he said to Crane, “Shame on you if you had been watching and praying you would not have cut your foot.”

January 9

Being with Mother at Shirley, she asked me what time I got up in the morning. I answered, “When I awake.” Mother said, “You should pray to God that the angels may come and awake you in season.” Mother once said to me, “Treasure up the gifts of God, the time will come when you will need them and if you are faithful to treasure up the gifts of God, when the time comes that you need them they will wake up in your soul.”

January 10

At Shirley I heard Father James say, “Be careful with whom you unite, for by uniting with those who care are unsound, you may get their spirit upon you and you will find it hard work to labor out of it, if you ever find the way out.”

January 11

At Watervliet, Father James said to me, “At every remembrance of God’s mercy, remember me and pray for me.”

January 12

Father James when speaking to the people said, “Where Christ is, there is power to put away sin and when there is no power to put away sin, there is no Christ. Where Christ is, there is power either to put away sin from the soul, or else put away sin and the soul together, that they may not destroy others.”

January 13

Mother Ann said that, “one known sin covered was enough to bring judgment on a whole assembly.”

January 14

Being in Mother Ann’s room at Watervliet, I asked Mother to remember my soul in adversity, when her soul was shining in robes of glory. Mother answered, “Be faithful Abijah and you will be remembered.”

January 15

I once said to Mother Ann, “Mother is my Savior.” “Abijah, said Mother, you must be wise and careful how you speak; it is Mother in a Savior and a Savior in Mother.”

January 16

At Watervliet Mother said, “God does not look upon creatures according to their lost nature, but according to their desires after God.”

January 17

At Watervliet Father William spoke to me and said, “Keep the fear of God in the shop where you work and keep that Slosson’s tongue still. I replied you lay a great cross upon me, for that man has been a great deal longer in the work than I have.” “That is nothing to the case,” said Father, “It is not how long a person has been in the work, but how much of the work is done.”

January 18

Mother Ann once said to me “Own God where you find God, whether in man, woman, or child.”

January 19

Once while at Watervliet I was in great sorrow and kneeling down I lay my head on Father James’s feet. Father said, “O these blessed washings, how they free the soul from condemnation.”

January 20

At Watervliet, in the presence of Father James, I was speaking of the Devil and I called him a poor Devil. Father replied, “The Devil is a mightily Angel, he would plague the creation if he was not held in a humbling check; the Devil is mighty, but God is almighty.”

January 21

At Watervliet, I heard Father James say, “Notwithstanding the gospel is now so despised, the time will come when it will be the most blessed sound that ever reached the ears of man, that mankind may repent.”

January 22

Father James in his public discourse once said, “They who have lived on the earth since the falling away of the primitive Church and before the manifestation of Christ’s Second appearing on earth, could not be saved, for there was no travel of the Church and this is more than I have ever said before in public.”

January 23

At another time afterwards, I heard him say, “If ever a soul is saved, it must be saved by the travel of the Church.”

January 24

Again, I heard him say, “No soul can be saved, but those who do as we have done; confess and forsake their sins, neither in this world nor in the world of spirits.”

January 25

I once spoke to Father James about something which was apparent to me that was profane. Father said, “That is too awful to be spoken; when people open their minds to you, don’t let them repeat such language. You may let them confess that they have used profane language, or taken the name of God in vain,”

January 26

I once heard Mother Ann say, “You should make the way of God your occupation. The way of God is to be learned as much as a trade. You learn to have faith, learn to believe. A man that has a trade is industrious to work at it and get a living and you ought to be as industrious and as much engaged in the way of God.”

January 27

Samuel Fitch came to Watervliet and brought in considerable property. When his son Dyer began to warp off, he picked up the things to carry away. Father James said to him, “You professed to consecrate your property, but you have only brought it here and treasured it up in order to buy a privilege, but I’ll not be your treasurer, I’ll warrant you, you shall be your own treasurer.”

January 28

Once while at Enfield I heard a good Brother by the name of Pease say to Father James, “I used to be running to my Elders with every little thing, but I have now got a throne of judgment erected in by breast, where I bring these little things and judge them and cast them out.” Father replied, “It is a blessed noble throne; every man ought to have a throne of judgment in his breast, to judge and condemn every evil thought that is cast into his mind and cast it out.”

January 29

Again I heard Father James say that where people had trials about things that were not actual sin, if they would labor through it themselves, it would be more gain to them than it would to get releasement by speaking of it. For any temptation that is flung into the mind if a person does not join or comply with it, he is not condemned, for Christ was tempted.

January 30

March 21st, 1843, Sr. Jemima in speaking of Mother and the Elders said that Father James brought a web on the beam and wove it out at the Square House for Gowns for Mother Ann and Molly Partington.

January 31

One time, at the Square House after Samuel Fitch had been speaking in a prophetic manner of what would yet be, Mother Ann said, “The time will come when the knowledge of the lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, and a nation will be born in a day, and what do you think of that Samuel?”