Daily Readings

Shakers use the New English Translation (NET) of the Bible.
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Morning Bible Readings

Thursday, September 1
Ecclesiasticus 40:25-30

Luke 1:39-45

Friday, September 2
Ecclesiasticus 41:1-4

Luke 1:46-56

Saturday, September 3
Ecclesiasticus 41:5-13
Luke 1:57-66

Sunday, September 4 [Pentecost 13]
Psalm 43
Jeremiah 20:7-11

Acts 20:17-35

Matthew 10:16-22

Monday, September 5
Ecclesiasticus 41:14-20

Luke 1:67-80

Tuesday, September 6
Ecclesiasticus 41:21-24
Luke 2:1-14

Wednesday, September 7
Ecclesiasticus 42:1-8

Luke 2:15-24

Thursday, September 8 [Mother Ann’s birth in heaven] 2 Kings 2:1-12
Testimonies page 274, paragraphs 19-20

Friday, September 9
Ecclesiasticus 42:9-14
Luke 2:25-32

Saturday, September 10
Ecclesiasticus 42:15-18
Luke 2:33-40

Sunday, September 11 [Pentecost 14]
Psalm 128

Genesis 45:1-5

Ephesians 3:14-end

Luke 11:1-13

Monday, September 12
Ecclesiasticus 42:19-25
Luke 2:41-52

Tuesday, September 13
Ecclesiasticus 43:1-5

Luke 3:1-9

Wednesday, September 14
Ecclesiasticus 43:6-8

Luke 3:10-20

Thursday, September 15
Ecclesiasticus 43:9-12

Luke 3:21-38

Friday, September 16
Ecclesiasticus 43:13-18

Luke 4:1-13

Saturday, September 17
Ecclesiasticus 43:19-22

Luke 4:14-20

Sunday, September 18 [Pentecost 15]
Psalm 20

1 Kings 3:4-15

1 Timothy 2:1-7

Matthew 14:1-12

Monday, September 19
Ecclesiasticus 43:23-26
Luke 4:21-30

Tuesday, September 20
Ecclesiasticus 43:27-33

Luke 4:31-37

Wednesday, September 21
Ecclesiasticus 44:1-8

Luke 4:38-44

Thursday, September 22
Ecclesiasticus 44:9-15

Luke 5:1-11

Friday, September 23
Ecclesiasticus 44:16-18

Luke 5:12-20

Saturday, September 24
Ecclesiasticus 44:19-20

Luke 5:21-26

Sunday, September 25 [Pentecost 16]
Psalm 234:1-10
Leviticus 19:9-18

Romans 12:9-end

Luke 10:25-37

Monday, September 26
Ecclesiasticus 44:21-23

Luke 5:27-32

Tuesday, September 27
Ecclesiasticus 45:1-5

Luke 5:33-39

Wednesday, September 28
Ecclesiasticus 45:6-14

Luke 6:1-11

Thursday, September 29
Ecclesiasticus 45:15-17

Luke 6:12-19

Friday, September 30
Ecclesiasticus 45:18-22
Luke 6:20-31

Noontime Bible Readings

Thursday, September 1
Psalms 87, 148

Friday, September 2
Psalms 15, 149

Saturday, September 3
Psalms 67, 150

Monday, September 5
Psalms 100, 145

Tuesday, September 6
Psalms 20, 146

Wednesday, September 7
Psalms 93, 147

Thursday, September 8
Psalms 114, 148

Friday, September 9
Psalms 124, 149

Saturday, September 10
Psalms 123, 150

Monday, September 12
Psalms 1, 145

Tuesday, September 13
Psalms 8, 146

Wednesday, September 14
Psalms 29, 147

Thursday, September 15
Psalms 124, 148

Friday, September 16
Psalms 113, 149

Saturday, September 17
Psalms 127, 150

Monday, September 19
Psalms 23, 145

Tuesday, September 20
Psalms 128, 146

Wednesday, September 21
Psalms 84, 147

Thursday, September 22
Psalms 122, 148

Friday, September 23
Psalms 97, 149

Saturday, September 24
Psalms 98, 150

Monday, September 26
Psalms 133, 145

Tuesday, September 27
Psalms 91, 146

Wednesday, September 28
Psalm 95, 147

Thursday, September 29
Psalms 47, 148

Friday, September 30
Psalms 121, 149

Benches in the Shaker Chapel, Sabbathday Lake Maine
Daily Shaker Particulars

September 1

At Watervliet, Elder James said, “Endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace; this bond w.as made by the GREAT FIRST CAUSE, and cannot be altered, but by virtue of the same; therefore, labor ye, day and night, to get your names written in that bond.”

September 2

And again, said Elder James, “Those who are called by the gospel, and l1ave tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, if these turn away, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment, and fiery indignation, which will come like mountains of lead upon the soul.

September 3

In an assembly of Believers at Ashfield, Elder James came forth with a powerful testimony against sin, which made every feeling soul repent, till the floor was wet with tears. After this he directed the assembly to rest and left the room. He returned soon after and said, “I cannot go to bed. The manna falls from heaven like sweet smelling myrrh, which is the fruit of repentance. Blessed are the children of those who believe, and the rising generations who know no unclean thing! We have a blessed altar, and it is placed in the garden of Eden! No one has a right to eat thereon but such as hate lust.”

September 4

At another time, as he was speaking to an assembly, he turned to the Sisters and said, ” Blessed are the daughters of Zion who trust in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh, and have happily escaped the corrupted men of this generation.”

September 5

Again, at Watervliet, he said to a number of young Sisters, “You are called from the manifold troubles of those who live after the flesh, and do not sense it; but let the devil once put his paw upon you, and you would find yourselves under the power of the flesh; then you would be willing to give all created things, if you could be restored to as happy a state as you now enjoy.”

September 6

At David Hammond’s in Petersham, in speaking to a public assembly, Elder James said, “This blessed Church is the gate of heaven, and we know it. Treasure up the word of God, for it is now harvest time; for those who sleep in harvest will surely come to want. The time will come when you will need to gather up every word. This is God’s way, and not man’s way; therefore, man cannot alter it. Heaven and earth shall pass away; but this testimony will stand forever. This gospel will prove a savor of life unto life, to all who obey it; and of death unto death unto all who disobey it; and the judgment of God will as surely follow this gospel, as the flood followed the preaching of Noah.”

September 7

One day Father William Lee kneeled down with a number of the Believers and said, ”God has given us the power of repentance, and remission of sins, and if you regard the gospel, God will regard you for salvation.”

September 8

Soon after Father William expired, Mother said, “Brother William is gone, and it will soon be said of me, that I am gone too.” She was afterward often heard to say, “Well, I am coming soon.” She would then say to those who were present, “Brother William is calling me.” Sometimes she would say, “Yea, Brother William, I shall come soon.”

She continually grew weaker in body, without any visible appearance of bodily disease, till the 8th of September 1784, between twelve and one o’clock in the morning, when she breathed her last without a struggle, or a groan. Before her departure, she repeatedly said to those around her, that she was going home. A little before she expired, she said, “I see Brother William, coming in a golden chariot, to take me home.”

September 9

On a particular occasion at Watervliet, Elder James said, “Let no man deceive you, we never build those things we once destroyed. If you have fallen ever so low, it is never too late to cry to God.”

September 10

On another occasion he said, “You should not do any kind of business while others are kneeled down in prayer to God; but leave your work and kneel with them.”

September 11

Again, speaking of these words of Christ, “When I am lifted up, then will I draw all men unto me,” Elder James said, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations, and then will these words be fulfilled; then will Christ be lifted up, and will draw all men unto him, for judgment, either for life or death.”

September 12

Sometime in November 1783, Jabez and Phebe Spencer, their daughter Mary, and a number of others were on a visit to Watervliet, and just before they came away, they went into Mother Ann’s room to take their leave of her. She sat up in her bed under great sufferings, and addressed them as follows, “Be faithful to keep the way of God; if you do you will be guarded by good angels, as really as the wicked are by evil spirits; and the good or evil spirits gather mostly to that part of the body which contains the most sensations and faculties. The head is the ruling and governing part of the whole body, therefore it will contain the most good or evil of any part of the body; and as the whole body is governed thereby, so the good or evil spirits gather there, and rule the whole body.

The head of a wicked man will suck in evil spirits until it is full of them, like a sponge, filled with water; so likewise, the faithful, who are laboring to resist every evil temptation, and crying to God for protection, will be filled with good spirits, and will be guarded by the angels of God, who will protect them day by day.”

September 13

After Mother had ended her discourse, Phebe went to her bedside, and expressed her thankfulness for the privilege that she and her family had enjoyed with her. Mother made no immediate reply; but soon after said, “When you were speaking, I saw two souls standing by you, one at your right hand, and the other at your left. The one who stood at your right hand, was a bright, active, glorious soul; but the one on your left was a dark, black, dismal soul; and he laid his head on your left shoulder.”

September 14

A number of the Believers who had been on a visit to the Church, at Watervliet, 1784, and being about to take their leave, Mother Ann said to them, ” Go, testify to the world that Christ is reigning on earth, and that he has sons and daughters, and they know it not, because they do not confess and forsake their doleful abominations.”

September 15

Some of the Believers complaining to Mother Ann that victuals did not satisfy their hunger, she replied, ” It is not your bodies, but your souls that are hungry; and you must cry to God for the bread of life.”

September 16

One day as Mother Ann and the Elders were about to depart from Harvard, many of the Believers were full of tears; and Elder James said, “Every soul of you who seeks God with all your heart, and resists the devil, is sure of Heaven, if he never sees us again in this world.”

September 17

The last time that Mother and the Elders were at Littleton, she informed the Brethren and Sisters that she and the Elders had great sufferings to pass through, and said, “We will return home to our own place, and suffer there, and not be burdensome to the Brethren and Sisters here.” She then added, “If you should be so persecuted as to have your houses torn down over your heads, and you cast out into the fields, you must not neglect meeting together to serve God. And if you never see my face anymore, nor the faces of any who are with me from England, you have those whom God has raised up among yourselves, who are able to lead you in the way of God, if you will obey

September 18

“Again,” Mother Ann said, “Souls who go out of this world and have not heard the gospel, do not know God, nor where to find Him. I have seen them wandering about weeping and crying, trying to find God. But the gospel will be offered to them, and all souls, both quick and dead, will be eventually judged by the testimony of the gospel which you now hear.”

September 19

In the time of a great gathering at Ashfield, so numerous was the assembly that the meeting-house was not large enough to contain the multitude; therefore, they assembled in that and the dwelling-house, and between the two houses, which were near to each other. Elder James took his station between the two houses and addressed the audience. He spoke with great solemnity of the glory and happiness of those, who, through faithfulness, should find an inheritance in the kingdom of heaven. Such souls, said Elder James, will enjoy inexpressible flows of the givings and blessings of God; and, though they will joy and rejoice in this, yet, what they enjoy in the present tense will not be their greatest com· fort, but they will still be looking forward with joyful anticipations, for a greater increase, for more of the glory and givings of God, continually, and forever; and this will constitute their greatest happiness. On the other hand, the torments and misery of the lost, though they may be under never so much now, yet, what they feel in the present tense, will not be their greatest torment; but that which will constitute their greatest misery, will be looking forward, with awful forebodings, to get another opening of the judgments of God.”

September 20

At another time in addressing a public assembly of Believers at Ashfield, Elder James said, “You ought to fear God in all you do; when you are about your work, you ought to fear God; and even in the gifts of God, and under the operations of the power of God, you ought to keep the fear of God, lest, by feeling releasement in those gifts, you run into lightness.”

September 21

Again, Father James Whittaker said, ” Heaven is a place of joy and tranquility to those who find it; but I am jealous, and with a godly jealousy too, that there are many here now who never will find it. I fear that some, who now profess faith, will walk the streets, howling like curst Cains.”

September 22

In the first season, after the opening of the gospel at ‘Watervliet, Mother Ann came into the room where there was a number of married men, and their wives, and said, “I see, in vision, a large black cloud rising as black as a thunder cloud, and it is occasioned by the men sleeping with their wives.” She then asked them if they had not rather sleep with their wives than with anybody else. They acknowledged they had rather sleep with them, even if they did not touch them. Mother admonished them not to do it anymore.

September 23

Again, Mother Ann spoke to a number of married people as follows, “You must forsake the marriage of the flesh, and travel out of it, in order to be married to the Lamb, which is, to be married to Christ, or joined to the Lord in one spirit.”

September 24

Sometimes, when the Believers were assembled together, Mother Ann used to come into the room and kneel down with them and teach them that when they knelt down to pray, they should ask God to give them such things as they stood in need of, for, said she, “the gift of prayer is with the gift of kneeling.”

September 25

Sometimes Mother Ann used to pray in an unknown tongue, for some time, and then she would speak in her own language, saying, “0 Lord God have mercy; Christ, have mercy; 0 Lord, bless and strengthen Thy people, and comfort them! 0 Lord give them true repentance of all their sins! ”

September 26

At Watervliet, in the summer of Mother’s ministry, as a number of Brethren and Sisters were in the meeting-room, some of them singing, some walking the floor, and others sitting still, Mother came into the room and said, “You ought not to be idle in the house of God. If you do not know what to do, I will teach you; you may kneel down and pray to God for what you need.” Mother then knelt down, and they all kneeled with her. After remaining a few minutes on their knees in silence, Mother said, “I feel that there is confusion. You must not take the name of God in vain. If you ask for a thing when you do not want, or need it, you take the name of God in vain. You must ask for that which you feel the most need of, and be fervent in spirit, and God will hear you; for God hears the souls who cry to Him in need.”

September 27

“When you have asked for what you need, you must wait upon God for the answer of your prayer; for God has waited upon you many years. But when you have received the answer and are in possession of what you have asked for, if you then ask for the same thing, as though you had not enough, God will be angry with you, for God knows how to bestow His gifts according to your needs.”

September 28

Again, at Watervliet, after Mother’s return from the eastward, as some of the Believers were expressing their faith and love to her, she said, “You see me and my works, and you believe, and are blessed; but I say, “Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe. There will yet be thousands who will believe, who have never seen my face in the flesh.”

September 29

At Watervliet, Elder James Whittaker said to the Believers, “You think if you had lived in the days when Christ was here on earth, you would have followed him. You have the same privilege to follow Christ now, as they had then, and greater, and now you may follow him.”

September 30

Mother Ann, in expressing her love to the Brethren and Sisters, used, sometimes, to address them in these words, “Ye are my epistles, read and known of all men; ye are all the interest I have in this world.”