Daily Readings

Shakers use the New English Translation (NET) of the Bible.
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Morning Bible Readings

Tuesday, November 1
Ecclesiasticus 51:7-12

Luke 10:38-42

Wednesday, November 2
Ecclesiasticus 51:13-22

Luke 11:1-13

Thursday, November 3
Ecclesiasticus 51:23-30

Luke 11:14-26

Friday, November 4
Daniel 1:1-16
Luke 11:27-36

Saturday, November 5
Daniel 1:17-21

Luke 11:37-46

Sunday, November 6 [Pentecost 22]
Psalm 112
Deuteronomy 11:18-28

1 John 2:22-end

Luke 16:1-9

Monday, November 7
Daniel 2:1-13

Luke 11:47-54

Tuesday, November 8
Daniel 2:14-23

Luke 12:1-9

Wednesday, November 9
Daniel 2:24-30

Luke 12:10-21

Thursday, November 10
Daniel 2:31-49

Luke 12:22-34

Friday, November 11
Daniel 3:1-30

Luke 12:35-46

Saturday, November 12
Daniel 4:1-3

Luke 12:47-53

Sunday, November 13 [Pentecost 23]
Psalm 146

Isaiah 33:17-22

Revelation 7:2-end

Matthew 25:1-13

Monday, November 14
Daniel 4:4-12
Luke 12:54-59

Tuesday, November 15
Daniel 4:13-17

Luke 13:1-9

Wednesday, November 16
Daniel 4:18-27

Luke 13:10-21

Thursday, November 17
Daniel 4:28-33

Luke 13:22-30

Friday, November 18
Daniel 4:34-37

Luke 13:31-35

Saturday, November 19
Daniel 5:1-9

Luke 14:1-6

Sunday, November 20 [Pentecost 24]
Psalm 80:1-7

1 Kings 19:9-18

Romans 11:13-24

Matthew 24:37-44

Monday, November 21
Daniel 5:10-21

Luke 14:7-14

Tuesday, November 22
Daniel 5:22-31

Luke 14:15-24

Wednesday, November 23
Daniel 6:1-9

Luke 14:25-35

Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving
Psalm 67

Deuteronomy 26:1-11

2 Corinthians 9:6-end

Matthew 6:24-end

Friday, November 25
Daniel 6:10-17

Luke 15:1-10

Saturday, November 26
Daniel 6:18-28

Luke 15:11-32

Sunday, November 27 [Advent 1]
Psalm 82

Isaiah 51:4-11

Romans 13:8-end

Matthew 25:31-end

Monday, November 28
Isaiah 2:1-6

Matthew 8:5-11

Tuesday, November 29
Isaiah 11:1-10

Luke 10:21-24

Wednesday, November 30
Isaiah 25:6-10

Matthew 15:29-37

Noontime Bible Readings

Tuesday, November 1
Psalms 20, 146

Wednesday, November 2
Psalms 93, 147

Thursday, November 3
Psalms 114, 148

Friday, November 4
Psalms 67, 149

Saturday, November 5
Psalms 123, 150

Monday, November 7
Psalms 1, 145

Tuesday, November 8
Psalms 8, 146

Wednesday, November 9
Psalms 29, 147

Thursday, November 10
Psalms 124, 148

Friday, November 11
Psalms 113, 149

Saturday, November 12
Psalms 127, 150

Monday, November 14
Psalms 23, 145

Tuesday, November 15
Psalms 128, 146

Wednesday, November 16
Psalms 84, 147

Thursday, November 17
Psalms 122, 148

Friday, November 18
Psalms 97, 149

Saturday, November 19
Psalms 98, 150

Monday, November 21
Psalms 133, 145

Tuesday, November 22
Psalms 91, 146

Wednesday, November 23
Psalm 95, 147

Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25
Psalms 121, 149

Saturday, November 26
Psalms 87, 150

Monday, November 28
Psalms 15, 145

Tuesday, November 29
Psalms 124, 146

Wednesday, November 30
Psalms 100. 147

Benches in the Shaker Chapel, Sabbathday Lake Maine
Daily Shaker Particulars

November 1

At Watervliet, in January 1781, Calvin Harlow, and some others, who were gifted in speaking to the world, being present, Mother Ann came into the room, and said, “Hear ye my words and understand. It is but a light thing to speak the word to the souls of men, to what it is really to help them. He who helps souls must have the spirit of Christ to administer to them; must take their infirmities upon him, and be able to suffer for, and bear with them.” And so desirous was she that they should understand that she repeated it three times.

November 2

Again, she said, “Be obedient to the precepts and principles of Christ, in all things, both spiritual and temporal. When a soul sets out in the way of God the devil will raise all his forces to try to turn them aside; but if you are faithful you will have strength according to your day. Be free, and not be a stranger; a strange feeling never came from heaven.”

November 3

Father William Lee once said to someone who came to see the Church, “Do as Mother tells you and repent; wash your face in tears; Do your duty; Be faithful with your hands; Be obedient, and never give offense to any, nor take offense at any one.”

November 4

Elder James Whittaker once remarked, “You must not say “this is a great cross;” that is crying ‘the burden of the Lord.’ How dare you say of that which is the will of the Lord, ‘It’s a great cross!’ You ought not to speak in this manner; but obey your faith, and it will lead to the salvation of your soul! You never will take any comfort only in God. Be faithful, and we shall have one meeting together that will never break up.”

November 5

At Harvard, in January 1782, when a number of Believers from New Lebanon, and other places, who came to visit the Church were about to take their leave, after having received great manifestations of the gifts of God, and much gospel instruction, Mother Ann addressed them with great power of God as follows, “What a privilege you have of coming to the Church to be taught the way of God! The way out of all sin! There never were a people on earth favored with so great a privilege as you have! What a privilege you have! 0, what a privilege you have!”

November 6

Again, Elder James said, “There never was a people on earth that had so great reason to bless God for the gospel, as we have; for there never was so great an opening for· salvation made known to the children of men.”

November 7

While Mother Ann and the Elders were at Ezekiel Slate’s in Stafford, Ct., many of the Believers gathered there to see them, among whom were a number of Sisters who had been married, and whose husbands also had received the gospel. Mother instructed and exhorted them with many precious words; and in the course of her conversation spoke as follows, “You ought to be thankful to God that your husbands have believed the gospel, and have set out to take up their crosses against the world, the flesh and all evil, and to follow Christ in the regeneration. It is a great deal easier for you than it was for me. Your husbands will be a great help to you. I had no husband to help me when I sat out to obey the gospel, but I had to stand against my own carnal nature and my wicked husband’s too. I had, as it were, to tread the wine press alone, and no man to help me.”

November 8

Mother Ann also spoke to a number of the Brethren and Sisters who were about taking their leave of her, to return to their homes, saying, ” Go and tell your Brethren those things which ye see and hear; the blind receive their sight; the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed; the deaf hear; the dead are raised up; and the poor have the gospel preached to them; and blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me.”

November 9

At Watervliet, soon after the gospel opened, some of the young Believers who had been overcome with a spirit of jealousy, and false judging concerning Mother and the Elders, came and confessed the matter. Mother, after kindly admonishing them to beware of such a spirit, said, “Persons see and judge according to the state they are in; when their senses are darkened by the flesh, and their minds under the influence of an evil spirit, they see and judge according to the dictate of that evil spirit; but when that fleshly sense is purged away, and they are under the influence of the spirit of Christ, then they can see and judge according to the truth.”

November 10

In the time of the first opening of the gospel, Susanna Goodrich, being at Watervliet, was sitting at supper with Mother Ann, and a number of others, when Mother suddenly stopped eating, spoke with great solemnity, then exhorted them all to faithfulness, adding, “If you will take up your crosses against the works of generation, and follow Christ in the regeneration, God will cleanse you from all unrighteousness.”

November 11

She also said to Daniel Moseley and others, “Do not go away and report that we forbid to marry; for, unless you are able to take up a full cross, and part with every gratification of the flesh for the kingdom of God, I would counsel you, and all such, to take wives in a lawful manner, and cleave to them only, and raise up a lawful posterity, and be perpetual servants to your families; for, of all lustful gratifications, that is the least sin.”

November 12

When Mother and the Elders were at Shirley, Elder James Whittaker, in addressing an assembly of Believers, said, “Brethren and Sisters, keep your faith; faith is a firm anchor for the soul to rest upon.” Then turning to some who were wavering, he said, “The judgments of God will as surely follow this gospel, as winter follows summer. The foundation of God stands sure, and the judgments of God are according to truth.”

November 13

Again, in addressing a public assembly, Elder James said, ”The foundation of God stands sure, and the judgments of God are according to truth. This is the gospel, and see ye to it, what kind of use you make of it; for the time will come when ye will say, ‘Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.’ Treasure up the word, for the time will come when there will be a famine, not of bread, nor of water, but of the word of the Lord. You will see the time when you will be willing to crawl on your hands and knees to hear the word of the Lord.”

November 14

Again, Elder James said, “True faith is a saving grace; but unbelief is a damning sin. True faith is to believe a thing to be what it really is; but a false faith is to believe what it is not ; and if you believe a thing to be what it is not, you are deceived.” Nathan 1Villa’rd. 15. And again, said Elder James, “When your faces are turned toward Zion, then you can cry to God, and God will hear the cries of the innocent.” And he kneeled and said, “The door of God’s mercy is open for souls, and it never will be shut, unless they shut it against themselves.”

November 15

On another occasion, Elder James said, “Keep your faith, and see the event of things; and when you know you must be born again, then you will cry to God.” “Do not find fault with the way of God, till you prove it; none ever thought hard, of it, who were really in it. You will have what you earn, that is, what you labor for.”

November 16

At Watervliet, Elder James said, “Endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace; this bond w.as made by the GREAT FIRST CAUSE, and cannot be altered, but by virtue of the same; therefore, labor ye, day and night, to get your names written in that bond.”

November 17

And again, said Elder James, “Those who are called by the gospel, and have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, if these turn away, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment, and fiery indignation, which will come like mountains of lead upon the soul.”

November 18

In an assembly of Believers at Ashfield, Elder James came forth with a powerful testimony against sin, which made every feeling soul repent, till the floor was wet with tears. After this he directed the assembly to rest and left the room. He returned soon after and said, “I cannot go to bed. The manna falls from heaven like sweet smelling myrrh, which is the fruit of repentance. Blessed are the children of those who believe, and the rising generations who do no unclean thing! We have a blessed altar, and it is placed in the garden of Eden! No one has a right to eat thereon but such as hate lust.”

November 19

At another time, as he was speaking to an assembly, he turned to the Sisters and said, “Blessed are the daughters of Zion who trust in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh, and have happily escaped the corrupted men of this generation.”

November 20

At David Hammond’s in Petersham, in speaking to a public assembly, Elder James said, “This blessed Church is the gate of heaven, and we know it. Treasure up the word of God, for it is now harvest time; for those who sleep in harvest will surely come to want. The time will come when you will need to gather up every word. This is God’s way, and not man’s way; therefore, man cannot alter it. Heaven and earth shall pass away; but this testimony will stand forever. This gospel will prove a savor of life unto life, to all who obey it; and of death unto death unto all who disobey it; and the judgment of God will as surely follow this gospel, as the flood followed the preaching of Noah.”

November 21

One day, Father William Lee kneeled down with a number of the Believers and said, ”God has given us the power of repentance, and remission of sins, and if you regard the gospel, God will regard you for salvation.”

November 22

Father James said, “I feel such fear of God that it runs through my whole body, even to my fingers’ ends.” He kneeled down and said, ” I desire you would be thankful to God for the gift of repentance, and remission of sins.”

November 23

On a particular occasion at Watervliet, Elder James said, “Let no man deceive you. We never build those things we once destroyed. If you have fallen ever so low, it is never too late to cry to God.”

November 24

On another occasion he said, “You should not do any kind of business while others are kneeled down in prayer to God; but leave your work and kneel with them.”

November 25

Again, speaking of these words of Christ, ” When I am lifted up, then will I draw all men unto me.” Elder James said, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations, and then will these words be fulfilled; then will Christ be lifted up, and will draw all men unto him, for judgment, either for life or death.”

November 26

Sometime in November 1783, Jabez and Phebe Spencer, their daughter Mary, and a number of others were on a visit to Watervliet, and just before they came away, they went into Mother Ann’s room to take their leave of her. She sat up in her bed under great sufferings, and addressed them as follows, “Be faithful to keep the way of God; if you do you will be guarded by good angels, as really as the wicked are by evil spirits; and the good or evil spirits gather mostly to that part of the body which contains the most sensations and faculties. The head is the ruling and governing part of the whole body, therefore it will contain the most good or evil of any part of the body; and as the whole body is governed thereby, so the good or evil spirits gather there, and rule the whole body. The head of a wicked man will suck in evil spirits until it is full of them, like a sponge, filled with water; so likewise, the faithful, who are laboring to resist every evil temptation, and crying to God for protection, will be filled with good spirits, and will be guarded by the angels of God, who will protect them day by day.”

November 27

After Mother had ended her discourse, Phebe went to her bedside, and expressed her thankfulness for the privilege that she and her family had enjoyed with her. Mother made no immediate reply; but soon after said, “When you were speaking, I saw two souls standing by you, one at your right hand, and the other at your left. The one who stood at your right hand, was a bright, active, glorious soul, but the one on your left was a dark, black, dismal soul and he laid his head on your left shoulder.”

November 28

A number of the Believers who had been on a visit to the Church, at Watervliet, 1784, and being about to take their leave, Mother Ann said to them, “Go, testify to the world that Christ is reigning on earth, and that he has sons and daughters, and they know it not, because they do not confess and forsake their doleful abominations.”

November 29

Some of the Believers complaining to Mother Ann that victuals did not satisfy their hunger, she replied, “It is not your bodies, but your souls that are hungry; and you must cry to God for the bread of life.”

November 30

One day as Mother Ann and the Elders were about to depart from Harvard, many of the Believers were full of tears and Elder James said, “Every soul of you who seeks God with all your heart, and resists the devil, is sure of Heaven, if he never sees us again in this world.”