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Shaker Village Campaign News

Major Press Award & Shaker Village

Major Press Award & Shaker Village Join us in congratulating news writer Gillian Graham and her esteemed first place Maine Press Association Award for her article, "A 21st Century Shaker Story." Gillian is a professional, detail-oriented correspondent from the Portland Press Herald who regularly brings you top-quality stories about the world's only living Shakers and the latest news from Shaker Village. Congratulations Gillian on this well-deserved award and congratulations to the Portland Press Herald for the distinction that she's earned for the newspaper! It's worth another read, and in case you

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More Ground-Shaking News from Shaker Village

More Ground-Shaking News from Shaker Village It has been just a little over a week since Shaker Village received news of their $500,000 grant from the National Park Service Save America’s Treasures program for the Shaker Great Barn. The Save America’s Treasures grant requires a 1:1 match. Shaker leader Brother Arnold Hadd and Director Michael Graham announced today that they have received the required $500,000 match from the trustees of a single, anonymous charitable fund. The $1 million restoration of the Shakers’ Great Barn will commence in the spring of 2023. In 2021, the trustees of

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Save America’s Treasures Grant Awarded!

The National Park Service has awarded Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village with a $500,000 grant through the Save America’s Treasures program of the Historic Preservation Fund. Funds will be used to restore the iconic Shaker Barn, which has been standing central to the Shaker farm for nearly two centuries. Two barns that were each built in 1830 were conjoined in 1891 to produce the massive 150’ timber frame megastructure, which sits upon field stone footings. Decades of erosion, frost, and decay have taken their toll on the structure, which is still used to store 50 tons of

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Shaker Herb House Receives Important Preservation Grant

The 1772 Foundation in cooperation with Maine Preservation announced on May 6, 2022 that the Shaker Herb House received a $7,500 challenge grant for the installation of a security system in the new Herb House. The rehabilitation of the Herb House is Shaker Village's largest capital project in its history. The 3-year $4.3 million project will produce more than 8,000 square feet of space for year-round, public educational programs, a commercial kitchen classroom, traditional arts workshops, and herb production spaces. The Herb House was built in three major periods from the late 18th century, the 1820s, and the 1860s. It is a timber

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The Shaker Herb House has received an additional $160,000 in support

The Maine Community Foundation's Spirit Fund, the Davis Family Foundation, and Norway Savings Bank have each issued major grants for the rehabilitation of the Shaker Herb House. The donor advised Spirit Fund awarded a $100,000 contribution to the Herb House project recognizing the valuable cultural programs that Shaker Village delivers to the people of Maine. The Davis Family Foundation granted $50,000 towards new Herb House educational programs, cultural experiences, and community alliances and Norway Savings Bank made a contribution of $10,000 in support of the social-mission programs that will be delivered in the new Herb House facilities. Just a short

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